Regulations in Denmark

All pharmaceutical sponsors and exhibitors are individually responsible to ensure that all their company's congress activities are in full compliance with all and any applicable laws, regulations and industry codes of conduct and must undertake to ensure that all congress materials and congress activities undergo the required internal signatory and external regulatory approvals as set out in applicable codes and regulations including signatory approval as set out in the EFPIA code for host country and other applicable codes (e.g. organising country).  Examples of unacceptable practices include promotion of unlicensed products or uses. Another particular point to note for Denmark is that of competitions: from section 22 of the Danish Executive Order on Advertising of Medicinal Products,  competitions must not be arranged for healthcare professionals and that prizes must not be offered to them as part of advertising or otherwise with the intention of promoting the sale of a medicinal product. This prohibition is absolute and the nature of the competition and the value of the prize are unimportant.  Further explanation of these regulations can be found at .

All sponsors and exhibitors are required to co-operate by responding promptly and fully to any reasonable enquiry or investigation concerning possible non-compliant activity before, during or after the congress.

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